Blogger of the Week: Dr Rita Floyd

Dr Rita Floyd is Lecturer and Birmingham Fellow in Conflict and Security in the Department of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Birmingham (UK) and a Fellow of the Institute for Environmental Security, The Hague. She is author of several peer-reviewed articles and of Security and the Environment: Securitisation Theory and US Environmental Security Policy (Cambridge University Press, 2010). More recently she has co-edited Environmental Security: Approaches and Issues (Routledge, 2013).

At present, her main research interest is in the area of security and justice; specifically she is working on the monograph that develops a set of criteria that seek to govern the moral permissibility of security politics. Inspired in equal measure by just war theory as well as by the so-called Copenhagen School’s securitization theory Rita has referred to this as ‘just securitization theory’. A chapter on ‘Just and unjust desecuritization’ developing some of the ideas developed in her monograph in progress, will be published in March 2014 in Contesting Security: Strategies and Logics (PRIO New Security Studies) edited by Professor Thierry Balzacq.

Rita will be posting each day for a week, starting on Monday 14 October.


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