Will maternal mortality disappear from focus after 2015? Amie Wilson

Last Friday The University of Birmingham hosted the second annual Global Women’s health conference, in conjunction with Charity Ammalife. The day carried many clear message about the importance of good maternal health, but perhaps the most pertinent message was a question to healthcare professionals and to academics. Professor Wendy Graham asked the audience whether we as clinicians, academics, and maternalists were taking every opportunity that we could to improve care to women across the globe.  As clinicians are we providing respectful maternity care, that suggested by the white ribbon alliance.

As academics are we striving to publish the evidence we produce in the best possible journals to disseminate are finding.  And as maternalists are we promoting advocacy and empowerment of women.  Although we may be approaching the timeline cut off for achieving the Millennium Development goals, we are encouraged to consider what will happen after 2015. Will maternal mortality disappear from focus?

The video of why did Mrs. X die reminds us why it should remain very much in focus

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