Dr Heather Buckingham. The last blogger of the week this term.

Heather Buckingham joined the Third Sector Research Centre at the University of Birmingham in September 2012. Her research interests include: shifts in the welfare mix and the influence of changing government-third sector relations; provision of services for vulnerable social groups; and the role of faith in social action and how this interacts with policy and culture. Her recent and current projects include research on: employment in the social economy; the legitimacy and policy leverage of national third sector leaders; and mental health commissioning and third sector organisations. She also contributed to TSRC’s Futures Dialogues series, which examined some of the key issues facing the third sector today.

Heather previously worked at the University of Southampton as a Research Fellow on the TSRC’s Geographies of Social Enterprise project. This project investigated factors contributing to the development and growth of social enterprises in contrasting urban areas. Prior to this she completed her PhD at the University of Southampton in the Division of Sociology and Social Policy. Her doctoral research explored the impact of government contracting – including competitive tendering and performance measurement processes – on third sector organisations working with homeless people. Alongside her work for TSRC, Heather is involved as a volunteer in a number of community projects in Birmingham.

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