Saving Humans blog returns next week!

SH umbrella

Birmingham University’s Institute of Advanced Studies Saving Humans blog returns next week. Watch out for our daily posts from Birmingham academics reflecting on topics as varied as gender justice, environmental ethics, climate change, cancer research, burns and deforestation.

In addition to the blog we will also be providing links to useful resources relating to our posts.

Professor Heather Widdows and two of her wonderful PhD students: Sarah Johnson and Herj Marway  get the ball rolling for the start of the new term.

Stay updated on IAS activities, Saving Humans events and funding opportunities by through the TWIST newsletter and by visiting our website.

Bloggers for the coming term:

Week commencing 20 January     Zoe Schnepp

Week commencing 27 January     Karen Rowlingson

Week commencing 3 February     Jussi Suikkanen

Week commencing 10 February   Sean Coyle

Week commencing 17 February   Luis Cabrera

Week commencing 24 February  Jonna Nyman

Week commencing 3 March         Jagbir Jhutti-Johal

Week commencing 10 March       Jeremy Williams

Week commencing 17 March        Jonathan Reinarz

Week commencing 24 March       Lisa Bortolotti and Ema Sullivan-Bissett 

Week commencing 31 March       Rob Mackenzie


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